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    Često se sugerira od strane skeptika kako su ove poruke nekakvo mentalno programiranje za “budale”. Kao protuargument u tom smislu interesantan je ovaj citat:
    The feelings you have always had, of knowing something “big” was to occur in your lifetime and that you were to be part of it, are genuine feelings that cannot be dismissed. Do not even accept what we say about this. Simply look inside and discern this truth for yourselves. Let that be your guidance even though you cannot “put your finger on” the exact plan of which you are to be part.
  • Znanstvena studija o mogućem susretu s ET-ima
    You do not have long dear ones before your world is transformed, hold one dear ones, you are almost there, we will guide you as best we can and assist your world in ways that may not be fully apparent to you yet, but we can not do it all dear ones, for if we did, then all you have done and endured would have been for nothing, for you are in the school of life dear ones and you have studied hard, you’ve passed many tests, now you are almost at graduation, we will be there to cheer you on as your civilization takes center stage and receives their diploma, remain heart centered, and nothing will deter your path.
    While many of you think this whole thing has dragged on, and change is seemingly never going to happen, we wish you to know that once everything does start, it is going to rapidly pick up. When these original plans were ‘drawn up’ is was anticipated that we would give you all a waiting period after the inital disclosure, before we went ahead with First Contact. This waiting period is something we still plan to let happen, only now it will be a much shorter period. Where before we were to let a few weeks or even a month go by before continuing this process, the waiting period will now be much shorter. There will still be one, as we have to let humanity have some time to soak these truths in. As always, we expect your controlled media to take advantage of this waiting period, to play upon fears of ‘evil aliens’. While the media will no longer actually be controlled once disclosure is announced, old habits are hard to break and there will be many journalists, bloggers and article writers reacting out of fear to our presence. For those of you who know the truth about us, those who know we are not evil invading aliens and rather the exact opposite, will be able to see through these ‘news reports’ just as well as you have been able to see through the rest of them.

    What many brand the ‘conspiracy media’ will also be producing their versions of fear based stories concerning us when disclosure occurs. Prepare yourselves for illusory ‘news’ with big headlines like, New World Order Working with Aliens to Wipe Out Humanity. They will be prevelent for a short time, as many have fears of us and through the law of attraction, those fears have to be manifested before we can move on with everything. For many who are unawakened this period directly after disclosure will be a rough one, as the presence of extraterrestrials being known takes many out of their comfort zones. We will give much care to those souls who are not fully ready to know these truths, as always we wish we could give more but this is a very big job to do, and it fills us with joy to inform you that the ride is nearly over!

  • SaLuSa 03.08.2011
    Dear Ones, you are all here at this time because it is an important time in your evolution, but you are not all key players for the final run in to Ascension. Most of you are in fact here to simply be of the Light and spread that around you wherever you go. When you wonder what you can do to help, that is all you need to do and it will help lift the vibrations upon Earth. Follow your intuition and if it is your place to serve in a different capacity, then you may be sure that you will be made aware of it. Be a calming influence when others exhibit fear, and help them to share your assurance that all will be well.
    Obviously you have all been going through shift after shift upwards, but in your calender month November all is to come to a head. By this time you can be assured that any remaining vestiges of dark will have been wiped away, but know that this can only occur if you all forgive the dark for their heinous crimes. Forgiveness will be the way in these times, once the exposures fully begin. You could all see the exposure of the dark hats as a lesson in compassion.
    Indeed, if you could look into the eyes of those souls who have hurt you and your planet and caused so much destruction and still be able to forgive them and show them Love, you will have grown into your Mastery more than you can currently comprehend. It boggles us how so many have dropped so low in vibration as to where they think soul can’t even exist, what would your reality be without soul, without consciousness? It would be nothing, empty. This is why your bodies cease to functon after your consciousness leaves it, as without consciousness there is nothing, and so it has always been!

    As some are already aware of, we have technology that can genetically manufacture whatever is needed. Once in the posession of this techonlogy, one could engineer any kind of food they wish, with the exact taste of what one is used to but without the previous ways of bringing said food into being. Many would be uncomfortable with the idea of genetically engineered or modified foods, we guide you that with our technology anything that is created will be of the utmost safety.

    Dear ones fear, worry or concern should never be felt at all, for any reason! Do not let yourselves get caught up in what are clearly the last events of illusion playing themselves out, as if you give your energy to illusion than illusion increases in your perspective tenfold. This is because of the power of creation that you all have!

    We do engage in wars, but as the Galactic Federation it is our responsibility to put a stop to them anywhere in the Universe. We do that by negotiation, and there is no situation that our diplomats cannot overcome. Where you are concerned we have offered many times to bring peace to your world, but you will already know that our offers have been rejected. This time we answer the calls for peace from your population, and respond to the Divine decree that has put in place a date from which all wars will cease.
    We could stifle the guns of war if so required by divine instruction, and at some stage that may be necessary. Meantime, we cannot interfere into the affairs between nations, and each altercation is another challenge to seek peaceful solutions.
    The path your create is from your heart, nothing is written in stone, this is not about following dear ones it is about creating. The responsibility for YOUr life rests with YOU.
    We do not communicate through words as a standard method, rather we communicate using intricate patterns and emotions. Many of you can not yet comprehend the level of communication we are on, as you are still stuck on the ancient method of speaking. The human voice was never meant as much to be your standard method of communication, rather it was given to you for you to chant tones and mantras of healing. Mental and telepathic contact is the standard for ascended beings, and words are so minute compared to the intense level of communication you will all soon be on.

    Mi ne komuniciramo služeći se riječima kao primarnom metodom. Umjesto toga mi komuniciramo služeći se arhetipima i emocijama. Mnogi od Vas ne mogu još shvatiti nivo komunikacije na kom se nalazimo jer ste još uvijek u starim metodama komunikacije. Ljudski glas nikad nije bio namjenjen da bude Vaš primarni način komunikacije već Vam je prije bio dan za pjevanje i izgovaranje mantri izlječenja. Mentalni i telepatski kontakt je standardan za uzašla bića i riječi su tako beznačajne u poredbi sa intenzivnom razinom komunikacije na kojoj ćete svi uskoro biti.

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