Ekonomska kriza – ponavljanje istih grešaka (veljača 2010)

Britanski internetski portal telegraph donosi iz pera svog financijskog urednika komentar u kom sa žalošću primjeću kako se jedna te ista ekonomska pitanja zanemaruju sad (veljača 2010) kao i prije zadnjeg udara ekonomske krize.

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One of the things we learnt from the crisis is that there was a dearth of people propounding truly counterintuitive, counterfactual economic theories. And that those who did were simply ignored. The mainstream failed to see the woods from the trees. It became obsessed with far smaller debates (productivity, protectionism etc) but failed to step back and ask whether the entire edifice of financial economics was about to collapse, which, of course it did. But despite this neglect, the economists always seemed busy.

My feeling is that we’re in a similar position now. These letters represent a similar mirage of intellectual activity which disguises the fact that the economic mainstream is again neglecting deeper questions about where we’re heading. But then perhaps that’s what always happens when politics and economics collides.

FedEx smanjuje posuđivanje bankama

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Čitatelj komentator aludira da je vijest najava neminovnog drugog ekonomskog udara.
Također je interesantno da spominje deflaciju – ova se spominje u kanaliziranim porukama Sheldan Nidle kao i SHARE.

So the ‘Great Deflation’ is underway. And, of course this will inevitably lead to the second Great Depression and the collapse of the financial system as we know it. This economic train called the fractional reserve banking system is running out of line fast and like all ponzi schemes it will derail.

When enough people can see through the illusion of our funny money system then perhaps we can build something that will last…something that is in alignment with the Universal Laws of Life, whereby all people can be raised up because the money and banking system works for all people who multiply their talents.

Gradovi beskućnika u SAD-u

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Gradovi beskućnika

Inhabiting empty fields, abandoned parking lots and already overcrowded shelters, homeless people – many of whom have only recently lost their jobs and homes – have set up camps in small and big cities across the country, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego in California, Portland, Oregon, Nashville and Chattanooga, Tennessee, Columbus, Ohio, Reno, Nevada, and Camden, New Jersey. Recent estimates place the
total number of tent city dwellers at between 15,000 and 20,000.